Does EventStar365 have any built-in notifications?

Yes we do! EventStar365 has built-in emails and notifications which help you connect with your guests and followers. One less thing you need to worry about. Every event or livestream you schedule will have two types of notifications automatically associated to them:

The first group is for confirmations. Your attendees will receive emails and in-app notifications anytime someone successfully purchases or registers for your livestream. It will contain their receipt for the transaction, the details of your livestream and a quick link to allow them to log in and view when it’s show time.

The second group are reminders. These will help remind your guests that your livestream is starting soon. These emails will be deployed 24 hours before your livestream, 1 hour before your livestream, and when your livestream starts.

All of these will have content pertaining to your livestream, pulled from the Create Livestream feature that you used.