Which livestreaming providers can I use with Kwivrr?

Kwivrr offers flexibility so that you can leverage any of the popular livestreaming sources you typically use. However, with Kwivrr you can have a more personalized and controlled experience for your friends, followers and guests!

With Kwivrr you can utilize Zoom, YouTube, Vimeo or Resi.

Each option is powerful in its own right so that you can choose whichever suits you.

Zoom: Need we say more? When you want the right amount of collaboration or control. As long as you've connected Kwivrr to your Zoom account, you can sell tickets or control access and link sharing for your livestreams!

YouTube: A power-house of livestreaming. With your livestream's video or livestream URL you can get started.

Vimeo: Never underestimate the underdog. Vimeo's unmatched when it comes to configuring videos for replay.

Resi: Their technology is able to handle problems with public internet allowing more people to watch your livestreams without buffering wheels.

Once you're ready, pick your team from these four powerful players and start creating!