How do I manage tickets?

You can access your tickets, or the tickets of your guests, by first clicking on the Calendar icon. Here you have three choices on how to view your events: By date, in a ‘card’ format, or as a list.

If you’re interested in managing tickets to events you’re hosting, click on any of the events in the My Upcoming Streams or the My Completed Streams categories. Here you’ll see all of the tickets associated to the specific event.

From here you have a plethora of actions you can take to manage the tickets associated:

  • Check In: This will change the status of the ticket. It indicates the attendee has arrived and essentially ‘locks’ the ticket so that it can’t be transferred to anyone else.
  • Uncheck In: Changes the status of the ticket back to Attending. This will allow you to use any of the other features as necessary.
  • Upgrade: As the name suggests, upgrade a General Admission ticket to a VIP ticket. The purchaser will be charged the difference between the two tickets, including the service fee.
  • Transfer: Transfer a ticket to another user on behalf of the purchaser.
  • Reclaim: Pull a transferred ticket back to the purchaser on their behalf.
  • Force Transfer: This will claim the ticket on behalf of a recipient.
  • Assign Credential ID: Primarily used for in-person events. If you have any wristbands or credentials that you want to associated to each guest, this is where you’ll enter in the 6 digit number.
  • Cancel / Refund: Cancels a ticket and gives you three options: you can refund the ticket price. You can give them a credit for the ticket price. You can cancel the ticket with no further action.
  • View Ticket: Allows you to view the ticket as the attendee.
  • View Receipt: Allows you to view the receipt for the ticket.
  • Ticket’s History: Allows you to see how the ticket has been