How do I use Kwivrr and Zoom?

With the Zoom integration, you can experience the power of Zoom and leverage free benefits to improve your streaming experience.


You must have an account with Zoom

You must have a Kwivrr account.

Connect Zoom with Kwivrr

After you’ve created your free Kwivrr account, click on the create event icon and select stream . Scroll down slightly to see all of the available streaming providers. Select the Zoom icon and a new window will appear asking for you to log into your Zoom account.

Once you’ve logged in, you’ll be asked to authorize Kwivrr to create a Zoom meeting on your behalf. Once you do that, you’ll receive confirmation that your Zoom account has been successfully connected to Kwivrr.

You’ll be able to specify that your livestream will be powered by Zoom. A new window will appear asking for you to login to your Zoom account.

Now you can customize your Zoom event with descriptions, ticket details, speaker profiles and so much more.

Once you’re ready to go live, click on the Go Live button. This will cue Kwivrr to open your native Zoom application to start the meeting. As the host, you’ll need to start and control your Zoom experience from your native Zoom app.