How do I connect my shopping cart?

One of the great things about EventStar365 is the flexibility it offers! If you have products that you want to offer or sell you can connect your shopping website to your specific event or have it available on your EventStar365 profile.

To connect your shopping cart to a streaming event, you can do so in the event creation flow. When you’re creating or editing your event, scroll down to the links section where you’ll see a field labeled “Shop Link”. You probably guessed it, but that’s where you’ll paste your website’s URL. Once you save and your stream has started, there will be a shopping icon available on the streaming page where your attendees can click and navigate to your site. They’ll be able to shop while continuing to listen to your stream.

To connect your shopping cart to your profile, click on your avatar and choose Account. From there, scroll down slightly to find the shopping cart icon. Paste your website’s URL in this field. Once you’ve done that. The shopping cart icon will now appear next to your picture on your profile. When someone clicks on it, they’ll be able to navigate to your website to shop for your products.