Why shouldn't I use YouTube if I'm selling tickets to my livestream?

YouTube is a powerhouse when it comes to videos and livestreaming. Heck, they practically invented it. But, one "quirk" with YouTube comes into play when making your YouTube video or stream available on a different website. When this happens, YouTube will overlay a "Watch On YouTube" message on your video—allowing anyone who sees your video on another site to click and be redirected to your video's YouTube URL.

It's a genius idea on behalf of YouTube, but it's not-so-stellar when you're trying to sell tickets and prevent someone from sharing your private link with the world.

You can hide the overlay by adding this to your embed code: &modestbranding=1, but it comes at a price. This setting also removes the play bar, volume, closed captioning, and full-screen mode - which can dilute your viewer's experience.

Because of this, we recommend using a different provider if you're looking to sell tickets to your livestream. One provider you can use is Vimeo. They have free accounts and offer the ability to configure settings while keeping your video/livestream source anonymous.